YouHodler Month in Review: September 2019

YouHodler Launches New Campaign to “Make ETH Strong Again

  1. No commission to buy ETH on YouHodler
  2. Special ETH loan plan with the loan to value ratio (LTV) of 90%
  3. “ETH Turbo 10” allows users to take up to 10 automated ETH “Turbo Loans”
  4. 50% discount on all ETH backed loans on YouHodler

‍YouHodler Product Update: New Feature Lets Users “Take Profit’ on Command

YouHodler Announces the Establishment of its Legal Entity in Switzerland

Bitcoin (BTC) Savings Account Gives Users 7.2% Annual Profit With Zero Effort

‍YouHodler’s New 180-Day Loan Plan Even Makes Shitty September Cool

  • LTV 70%
  • Loan Term 180 days
  • The ability to extend Price Down Limit (PDL)
  • And more!

The markets did not perform (But YouHodler still found a positive way to look at it)



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